Tom Trimmins
Loop collection

Loop Plant Hanger
H:65cm, W:40cm, D:40cm

Loop Wall Shelf
H:65cm, W:37cm, D:24cm

Loop Mirrors


Extra large: 1195mm x 845mm

Large: 845mm x 605mm

Medium: 605mm x 425mm

Small: 425mm x 305mm

All D:50mm

How they are made

For this collection I’ve used a small quantity of attractive timber, either walnut, oak or ash to make delicate furniture that shows off the material’s abilities and its beauty. The range comprises mirrors in four sizes, a plant hanger, a wall shelf and a set of oval boxes. The whole collection is the result of much enjoyable exploration and experimentation, I hope you enjoy using the pieces as much as I enjoy designing and making them. I launched the collection at London Design Fair 2017

They combine midcentury typologies with much older Shaker craft techniques (like the swallow-tail joint that fastens the mirrors and boxes), classic cabinetmaking details (like the sliding dovetail that supports the tops of the plant hanger and shelf) and experimental steam bending techniques (used to create the sculptural loops of wood that characterise the range). I make the mirrors simply by bending a fine band of timber around an elliptical mirror mounted on a birch ply board. I secure the band with a swallow-tail joint that I cut by hand with a knife and copper tacks that are made in Michigan using 150 year old machines. I select and saw the wood for the bands myself as I think its stronger and can be more finely sanded and polished. Pre-cut veneers are damaged by the veneer cutting process which leaves cracks in the surface.

The plant hangers develop the theme, with ribbons of walnut looping around a round solid-wood disc, which is kept stable by an attractive sliding dovetail brace on the underside. The strips of wood converge in a layered point at the top, pierced by a handmade brass hook for the hanging version. The wall-mounted version features a single loop and oval top with a sculpted wall mount. The twisting timber ribbons afford a constantly changing silhouette as the piece is seen from different angles. The oval boxes I make are a variation of a traditional design, replacing the usual bent and tacked lid with a finely made solid red cedar tapered lid that fits very precisely. A fine chamfer and hand carved notch on one side to blend with the swallow-tail joint below complete the piece. The boxes are left unfinished inside so there is a lovely aromatic smell of cedar wood when they’re opened.

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